We're excited to be selling Giving Bean Coffee and Artisan Teas. 
Giving Bean is a gourmet coffee roaster providing a variety of freshly roasted whole bean and ground coffees, fine tea, gourmet cocoa, chai, and biscotti.

We figure that just about everyone enjoys a great cup of coffee (or tea) in the morning!

Online orders are available until July 2019.  You can place an online order at this link:

All coffee is roasted-to-order and arrives fresh, assuring its great taste. Prices are $12.50 per bag of coffee and tea, comparable to other high quality coffees and teas.

Labels will say "Thank you for supporting The Mesa Club"

The funds from this fundraiser will go towards our Building Fund to help us to save for a building we can call our own!

Product Delivery Date: 6-12 days after orders are placed.

We are looking forward to a successful fundraiser! Please help us spread the word.

Thank you for supporting The Mesa Club!​

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